The Safety of Zamalek

The Hotel Longchamps is located in a residential area which hosts many embassies. It's an upscale and very secure neighborhood. in the middle of Zamalek, with many boutiques and restaurants. Unexpected thhings may occur.

No disturbances have taken place on the island of Zamalek as such . Our clientele of Diplomats, Journalists and Academics from all over the world have come to recognize the serenity and safety of our boutique hotel.

With your safety in mind, I do  monitor the situation in Cairo very carefully  and am  able to advise you on  daily basis.

Monitoring Safety Concerns

 We are constantly monitoring the security concerns in Egypt. For example, we keep track of clear routes to and from the Cairo International Airport. Safety is our first concern for our guests.

With immediate effect:

We now have a lobby dispensor to provide Nestlé purified water, in order to avoid using plastic containers for mineral water and thus present a greener footprint.

Liebe Gäste 

Was Ihre Abholung betrifft, bitte ich um Folgendes:

Aus Sicherheitsgründen bitte ich Sie, sich nach Ihrer Ankunft ein Stockwerk höher im Flughafengebäude einzufinden.

Mein Fahrer steht dann an der letzten Pforte rechts (wenn man zur Straße blickt) auf der Ebene „internationale Abflüge“.

Ich nenne Ihnen noch den  Namen  des Fahrers sowohl als auch seine Handnummer  ein Tag vor Ihrer Ankunft .

Bitte rufen Sie iden Fahrer an , wenn Sie auf dem Wege nach oben sind.


Dear Guests 

Due to security reasons, Cairo  Airport  has become a chaos lately  , this is why my hotel drivers  can not find you easily as promised by me earlier in our correspondence.

This is why I am kindly asking to follow my instructions to facilitate Your  Airport Pick Up service  by my reliable drivers at the correct spot :

After Customs control, you walk out in the Arrival Level  , please find your way to the Departure level , one floor up, either by the Lift  on the right hand side after customs clearance or by Escalator in teh middle of teh Arrival Hall  of Terminal 3 . 

Please walk to the very rare end of  the Terminal  to your right hand side facing the street.

My driver will be waiting for you behind the Doors  of the Terminal on the street  holding the sign of the Longchamps with your name on it.

These instructiosn do apply for Terminaal 3 only. 


Please feel free to ask for more information before your arrival .I will be more  than happy to assist you . 

Together with my Team, I do  look forward to welcoming you all at the Hotel Longchamps, at home, far away from your home. 


Hebba Bakri